Meri Shesho Najdenovska


Meri Shesho Najdenovska, as a COO of Monks Agency, is no stranger to the fast-paced world of digital marketing. With over 14 years of marketing experience working with the biggest company names in the Macedonian market, she’s carved a niche for herself – exploring and incorporating innovative digital tools and AI-tech strategies in the bustling US market, together with her Monksters.

An e-business graduate & e-commerce enthusiast, she successfully has merged the worlds of business and technology, but never abandoning her first love – crafting marketing strategies, clever campaigns and narratives that resonate and drive results and business growth. Outside the offices, Meri’s competitive spirit shines on the racetrack. A dedicated runner, she has not only completed numerous half-marathons and races, but also clinched trophies, showcasing her commitment in every endeavor. Her passion for running mirrors her dedication to digital innovation, always pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks.

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